FreeBSD-gurun lämnar Apple

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UNIX is the same software that gave rise to Linux, the open source OS that drives Google Android phones and underpins so much of the modern internet. Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs once tried to hire Linus Torvalds, the irrepressible Finnish coder who created Linux and gave the thing its name.

But Torvalds said “No,” and not long after that, Apple hired Jordan Hubbard, the creator of FreeBSD, a lesser known, but still thriving, open source operating system based on UNIX. It was a better fit: Mac OS X shares conceptual roots with Linux, but it shares honest-to-goodness code with FreeBSD.

Hubbard left Apple last month to return to the world of open source UNIX, taking the chief technology officer post at a iXsystems, a company that offers servers and other data center hardware that runs FreeBSD. Apple was quite an education, and now, he wants to bring the “Apple approach” back to the open source game.

The trick with Apple is that the software it builds is so polished. Its operating systems don’t feel like “tool kits.” They feel like the finished article. Hubbard believes open source OSes should feel the same. “Most open source people make tool kits,” he says. “They’re good tool kits that have been used in everything from Tivos to phones, but they’re still just tool kits.”

Ska bli otroligt intressant att följa Jordan Hubbard i framtiden. Hans arbete med FreeBSD var otroligt viktigt och kan han applicera det han lärt sig från Apple i den världen ser jag färre anledningar att fortsätta köra Linux på mina servrar.

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