Adobe drabbat av enormt dataintrång

Krebs on Security:

In an interview with this publication earlier today, Adobe confirmed that the company believes that hackers accessed a source code repository sometime in mid-August 2013, after breaking into a portion of Adobe’s network that handled credit card transactions for customers. Adobe believes the attackers stole credit card and other data on approximately 2.9 million customers, and that the bad guys also accessed an as-yet-undetermined number of user names and passwords that customers use to access various parts of the Adobe customer network.

Adobe said the credit card numbers were encrypted and that the company does not believe decrypted credit card numbers left its network. Nevertheless, the company said that later today it will begin the process of notifying affected customers — which include many Revel and Creative Cloud account users — via email that they need to reset their passwords.

Extra pinsamt för Adobe är att personen eller personerna bakom intrånget lyckades stjäla källkod till en rad kommande versioner av flera applikationer från Adobe.

Här har ni en som är rätt glad över att inte använda Adobe Cloud.

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