“Ge Steve vad han vill ha”

Heidi Rosen om när hon förhandlade med Steve Jobs:

On the appointed day, after waiting in the lobby for 45 minutes (this, I would come to learn, was par for the course for meetings with Steve), I was called up to Steve’s cubicle. I remember to this day how completely nervous I felt. But I had my contract in hand and I knew my numbers cold.

Shortly into my pitch, Steve took the contract from me and scanned down to the key term, the royalty rate. I had pitched 15%, our standard.

Steve pointed at it and said “15%? That is ridiculous. I want 50%.”

I was stunned. There was no way I could run my business giving him 50% of my product revenues. I started to defend myself, stammering about the economics of my side of the business. He tore up the contract and handed me the pieces.

“Come back at 50%, or don’t come back,” he said.

I slogged down to my car feeling like I had just blown the biggest deal of my life. Lucky for me, someone had followed me out.

Knepet var inte att ge Steve Jobs vad han ville ha, utan att han skulle tro att han fick vad han ville ha.

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