Nya Keynote vägrar öppna äldre filer

Stefan Urbanek:

“This presentation can’t be opened because it’s too old. To open it, save it with Keynote ’09 first.” – I was greeted with this message today when I was about to publish few more presentations on Slideshare about Knowledge Management.

The offending presentation is from 2008. I have around 20 files created in older Keynote versions. They are not the disposable kinds of presentations – you know, the ones that you prepare, project and forget about them. I like to reuse them, show when I’m talking about various subjects contained in them.

How I am supposed to access them now? “save it with Keynote ’09 first”, but how? I don’t have Keynote ’09 any more on my fresh Mavericks install.

Om du inte kastat bort din gamla iWork-skiva är det en god ide att behålla den, och för säkerhetsskull spara den på en hårddisk och/eller i en molnbackup eller liknande då du sannolikt inte kommer ha en optisk enhet till din Mac i all framtid.

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