Vingården Jobs aldrig startade

Matt Haughey:

While poking around for more information on the farm and Steve’s time here, I stumbled onto a recent auction where Steve Jobs’ signature was sold for $40,000.

The document in question is an agreement between Jobs and Friedland to establish a real estate investment corporation together, based in McMinnville in the late 1970s. After researching that document I found a story where Steve Jobs purchased 30 acres of farmland intended to use for growing grapes for an eventual winery (was it a purchase for the real estate company or personal?).

From 1978 until 1985 Steve Jobs owned land at the corner of Willis and Fir Crest roads, though he never developed it.

Man kan knappt fundera på hur vinflaskor från en vingård som Steve Jobs ägde skulle ha sett ut. iWine?

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