Inte ens Google-anställda använder Google+

Danny Crichton:

The product, internally known as Emerald Sea, was just two weeks from launch, and a digital counter near my desk was ticking down the days to June 28, 2011. I had just gotten my Google-issued laptop, so I opened up my web browser, and navigated to the internal version of the product, and …. stared. Just stared. It’s hard to exactly describe the state of the product at that point, but it was reminiscent of Facebook, albeit with a cleaner profile page and more whitespace.

After about 10 minutes of using it, I got distracted and left to find some food. I never reopened the product that day, an ominous sign in retrospect. Later, I hung out with some of the other new graduates who had just joined the team, and there was an awkward silence that can only come when the emperor walks by without his clothes on.

No one could figure out why anyone would use this. As we would learn soon, we weren’t the only ones.

Google+ skapades inte för att vi skulle bli mer sociala med varandra – Google+ skapades för att mata Googles gigantiska datasamlande med ännu mer information om oss själva så Google kan sälja fler annonser.

Givetvis fungerar Facebook i princip på samma sätt men de har, åtminstone inte ännu, gått så långt som Google gjort när det handlar hur information om oss användare används och i viss mån missbrukas.

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