“Oracle har inte dödat Java. Ännu”

Andrew Oliver:

I don’t think Oracle knows how to create markets. It knows how to destroy them and create a product out of them, but it somehow failed to do that with Java.

I think Java will have a long, long tail, but the days are numbered for it being anything more than a runtime and a language with a huge install base. I don’t see Oracle stepping up to the plate to offer the kind of leadership that is needed. It just isn’t who Oracle is.

Instead, Oracle will sue some more people, do some more shortsighted and self-defeating things, then quietly fade into runtime maintainer before IBM, Red Hat, et al. pick up the slack independently. That’s started to happen anyhow.

Java och Flash är troligen de två plattformar som folk överlag skyr som pesten numera. Det är synd att Java inte blev den framgång som Sun Microsystems hoppades på men på serversidan tycks Java fortfarande leva vidare.

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