Max Headroom

Retro Thing:

Though the incident happened in Chicago, it made news far beyond this city. Let me paint you a picture of what I remember first-hand. I was in high school in 1987, and was a huge fan of both Doctor Who & the Max Headroom sci-fi TV series. It was probably close to midnight on Sunday night, and the Doctor’s adventure (“Horror of Fang Rock” for those of you playing along at home) was suddenly interrupted by another of my heroes – Max Headroom. I was freaked out. FREAKED OUT.

I checked my VCR & other video gear – it wasn’t crossed wires on my end. Max (or someone dressed like Max) had hijacked the transmission and was broadcasting his own signal. The hijacking featured a guy in a Max mask, rotating corrugated metal cleverly stood in for Max’s abstract graphical background, and for about a minute all of Doctor Who’s audience was at Max’s mercy. My fear was that I’d be in the rubber room after telling people that Max Headroom had spoken to me through my TV the night before.

Har du inte sett Max Headroom är det dags att göra det nu. Både pilotavsnittet och den efterföljande TV-serien är riktigt underhållande.

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