Timmarna innan Newton lanserades

Landon Dyer:

As the morning progresses it becomes clear that some number of the Newtons that are already at stores and about to be sold either didn’t get patched at the factory, or (worse) are losing their patches in transit. So here I am, cruising around Boston in a crappy rental car, fumbling with maps and getting lost on streets that are not laid out in a grid. It’s also about 90 degrees and humid, reminding me of why I don’t live on the east coast any more.

I find the Good Guys store manager. “I’m from Apple, and you have a bunch of Newtons that you can’t sell unless we take a look at them first.”

“Um, okay.”

They lead me into into the back room, and there’s a cage with about twenty Newtons in it. It’s the first time I’ve seen one in an actual retail box. It’s kind of neat. We made this? Holy crap, people are about to buy them.

“I’m going to have to open each one and inspect it, okay?”

“Sure.” No pushback at all. They get a stockroom kid to help me.

We open each box, I check the version number that each newt displays on its startup screen, and (lo!) there are a couple whose versions are “1.0”. I record the serial numbers of these units, stick the upgrader PCMCIA card into them (hacked up Very Quickly by Newtonites who didn’t get to go to Boston), and verify that the units take the patch. We re-box everything (I resist the urge to include a scribbled note, something like “Inspected by #18706″, my Apple badge number). Half an hour later, we’re done.

“That’s it. You can sell these now.”

Man undrar i sitt stilla sinne om den här typen av vansinne fortfarande pågår på Apple. Med tanke på hur många buggar vi sett i iOS 8 och OS X 10.10-betan håller jag det inte för otroligt.

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