“Dags att dela upp Microsoft”

Ben Thompson:

The more interesting question is how long this cleavage will be sustainable. Enterprise Microsoft is doing exceptionally well: its Windows, Office and on-premise Server businesses are throwing off cash, while Office 365 and Azure grow like gangbusters. The consumer side of things is the opposite: Lumia and Surface continue to bleed cash, the Xbox One is struggling, and while Bing is improving, it’s still not a moneymaker.

None of this should be a surprise: Microsoft has always been an enterprise company that primarily succeeded in the consumer space by dint of its Windows monopoly. There’s no reason for them to be any more successful with consumers than they are today, and one wonders whether Nadella has made the same determination. Regardless, the clarity in business models is good news.

Jag undrar om det inte finns utrymme för ett tredje Microsoft: ett där företaget släpper källkoden för .Net på Github.

Steve Ballmer måste ha fått en mindre stroke när han hörde det sistnämnda.

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