Safari fyller tolv


Apple 2002:

Apple today unveiled Safari, the fastest and easiest to use web browser ever created for the Mac. Safari’s highly-tuned rendering engine loads pages over three times faster than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the Mac and runs Javascript over twice as fast.

Safari’s innovative features include Google search capabilities integrated directly into the toolbar; SnapBack, a new way to instantly snap back up to search results or the top level of any website after browsing down one or more levels; a completely new way to name, organize and present bookmarks; and automatic “pop-up” ad blocking.

“Safari is the fastest browser on the Mac, and we predict that many will feel it is the best browser ever created,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We are bringing innovation back into this category with the first all new browser created in many years.”

Svårt att tro numera att Apple faktiskt släppte Safari även för Windows ett antal år.

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