Outlook för iOS lagrar lösenord hos Microsoft

Rene Winkelmeyer:

Each ActiveSync client normally has a unique ID for data synchronization. That allows administrators to distinguish a users devices. Microsofts Outlook iOS apps doesn’t work that way. The app shares the same ID across all devices of a user. And it seems like one device!

That means: If a user installs the Outlook app on his iPhone and on his iPad it’s seen as one device. There’s no way to distinguish if it’s an iPad or an iPhone. Nada. Niente. Using device approval on Traveler won’t help. It connects as “one device” – and you cannot control that. That’s a security nightmare.

Som om det inte vore illa nog så lagras lösenorden för alla mailkonton du lägger in i Outlook för iOS hos Microsoft, utan att du som användare kan göra något åt det.

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