Macintosh Portable En säck potatis

Christopher Phin:

The Macintosh Portable weighed—and, as my arms can attest, weighs—15.8 pounds, and much of that was because of its lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries, incidentally, are the things you find in cars, and when I say “cars” I don’t mean Priuses or Teslas. I mean the hulking great blocks under the hoods of traditional gasoline autos.

15.8 pounds, to put it in perspective, is the same as six MacBook Airs. In fact, stack six MacBook Airs on top of each other, with all their thickest ends at the same side, and they’re essentially exactly the same thickness as one Macintosh Portable.

Macintosh Portable var mycket, men portabel var den inte. Författaren Steven Levy berättade en gång att hans lår domnade bort när han satt med en Macintosh Portable i knät på flyget. Den fick inte plats på det nedfällbara bordet…

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