Varför AOL säljs till Verizon

The New Yorker:

Shingy kept moving. He is passionate about spaces, and when a space is not working he reboots it, taking everything out and starting over. He said, “This is a space I recently rebooted for Tim”—meaning Tim Armstrong, the C.E.O. of AOL. The room had been a standard fluorescent-lit office. Now the desk was gone, replaced by leather armchairs in a circle, and the walls were painted dark gray. Armstrong entered, wearing a fleece, baggy jeans, and loafers. Shingy is short and slight, and Armstrong, who played lacrosse in college, towered over him.

“Do you like the scent?” Shingy said. A diffuser released a fragrance (called London) designed by Tom Dixon into the air. Shingy’s office features another of Dixon’s scents (Orientalist), but Armstrong’s, he pointed out, was newer.

“It’s funny,” Armstrong said. “I thought it was the cleaning materials. The cleaning lady was in here last night, and I’m like, ‘I love the smell of this table!’ She was like, ‘Um, O.K.’ ”

“I still need to put some sound in here,” Shingy said.

Armstrong looked around. “I have meetings here, and people don’t know where to sit,” he said.

“They’ll figure it out, man,” Shingy said.

Hade de inte haft en extremt välavlönad “digital profet” i form av “Shingy” att luta sig mot kanske de hade ägnat sig åt att fatta verkliga beslut om inte helt obetydliga sajter som TechCrunch som AOL äger.

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