Sorgen som drivkraft i Pixars nästa film

The New York Times om när Pete Docter, regissören av Up, insåg att hans nästa film Inside Out hade färgats av sorgen efter Steve Jobs bortgång:

While on his stroll, Mr. Docter started to think about his friends at Pixar and what he would miss about them. “I love them,” he said. “They make me happy. But these are people I have also been angry at. I’ve gone through sadness with these people, especially when we lost Steve.”

He continued: “At that moment, I realized that Sadness was the key. We were trying to push her to the side. But she needed to be the one going on the journey. Joy needed to understand that it’s O.K. for Sadness to be included at the controls once in a while. It’s only the interaction and complexity of all of these emotions that brings a real connection between people.”

Mr. Docter gave the Pixar brain trust a longer version of his epiphany that summer day in the conference room.

“By the end, John uncrossed his arms and said, ‘Yeah, that’s the right decision,’ ” Mr. Docter said. “And he smiled.”

Jag älskade verkligen Up och misstänker att Inside Out kommer bli ännu en minnesvärd film från Pixar.

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