“Apples uppgraderingsprogram slår mot mobiloperatörer”

Dan Frommer:

Apple’s program isn’t as cheap as similar offers from some carriers (it also includes Apple’s extended warranty plan and phones are sold unlocked). But it does something more important: It converts its users from “carrier customers” to “Apple customers.”

Instead of choosing a carrier first and a phone second—the way many people still buy mobile phones—you’re now choosing Apple first and a carrier next. Today, more than 60% of consumer-purchased smartphones in the US are still bought from an operator retail store or website, according to comScore.

By selling unlocked phones directly, Apple stands to potentially increase its customer loyalty—and marginalize the value of carriers, pushing them further into “dumb pipe” classification.

Redan vid lanseringen av iPhone år 2007 stod det klart att Apple vridit armen om AT&T åtskilliga varv. Ingen logotype på telefonen, inga egna applikationer eller någon annan form av branding från mobiloperatören fanns på iPhone vilket var vanligt på den tiden.

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