Kina kräver lydnad från amerikanska teknikföretag

New York Times:

The Chinese government, which has long used its country’s vast market as leverage over American technology companies, is now asking some of those firms to directly pledge their commitment to contentious policies that could require them to turn user data and intellectual property over to the government.

The government distributed a document to some American tech companies earlier this summer, in which it asked the companies to promise they would not harm China’s national security and would store Chinese user data within the country, according to three people with knowledge of the letter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The letter also asks the American companies to ensure their products are “secure and controllable,” a catchphrase that industry groups said could be used to force companies to build so-called back doors — which allow third-party access to systems — provide encryption keys or even hand over source code.

Jag gissar att varken Google eller Apple kommer att ge efter för krav av det här slaget. Men andra lär sannolikt göra det med tanke på hur gigantisk den kinesiska marknaden är.

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