“Telefonens hemskärm är död”

Zachary M. Seward:

Ever since the release of iOS 9, I’ve been experimenting with a new kind of homescreen. Call it the unscreen.

The idea is that Apple’s operating system for iPhone and iPads has quietly moved beyond its original idea of mobile apps as a grid of boxes, each independent of the other. Now, the most useful iOS features and apps can be found much deeper within the phone.
Notifications, widgets, and search are suddenly the best way to get around your iPhone. More activity seems to begin with a swipe instead of a tap: Actions are replacing what we used to call apps.
It couldn’t happen at a better time. App development as we know it has stagnated, dominated by a few major companies. In the US, the top 10 mobile apps are owned by Facebook, Google, Facebook, Google, Google, Google, Pandora, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The battle for the homescreen is over.

Jag har sedan länge slutat leta efter en viss ikon i min iPhone eller iPad. Istället söker jag bara efter applikationen med sökfunktionen då det går mycket snabbare. Widgets och notifieringar har en bit kvar innan jag börjar bli kompisar med dem – båda två brände på sätt och vis sina broar i tidigare versioner av iOS.

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