Synkroniseringens vara eller icke vara

Gabe Weatherhead:

In my use, iCloud is not a good alternative to Dropbox. iCloud syncing is opaque. There’s no indication of success or failure. There’s no troubleshooting. Performance is unpredictable and wildly variable. There’s no consistency of where I can find my files. In many ways it’s the anti-Dropbox and I’ve learned to be careful of what I wish for. I also can’t help but wonder where we’d be if Dropbox decided it was more valuable to buy cool tools than to compete in the file syncing space.

Lyssna också på eftersnacket i Accidental Tech Podcast nummer 146 där John Siracusa berättar om sina synkroniseringsproblem med iCloud. Efter att ha hört hans berättelse överväger jag allvarligt att flytta eller åtminstone kopiera alla viktiga dokument i min iCloud Drive till Dropbox eller min egna Owncloud-server.

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