Läs detta innan du baserar ditt nästa projekt på öppen källkod

Nicholas C. Zakas:

There’s a peculiar mix of altruism and egotism that goes into releasing an open source project. On the one hand, you might be solving a problem that others are struggling with, and sharing your solution will save them a lot of time. On the other, the near-fantastic rock star status of those who have created successful open source projects (think John Resig, Ryan Dahl, and Linus Torvalds) drives people to overshare in the hopes of also achieving such status. This has resulted in a glut of open source projects being released into the wild and their creators venturing out on marketing campaigns to attract users.

You need to be aware of this trend and the reality of open source today: most open source projects are crap, and you need to be careful which ones you use.

Lysande, och obligatorisk, läsning för alla de som funderar på att bygga sitt nästa projekt med en bas bestående av öppen källkod.

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