iPad Pro som enda dator

Frasier Speirs:

I’ve been wanting to do this for five years now and it’s finally happened. I sold my MacBook Pro to go all-in on iPad as my main personal computer. Yesterday, I packed my 2015 13″ Retina MacBook Pro back into its box and sent it off to a new owner.

People have lots of questions about this so I thought I would write a bit about the thinking and experimentation that went with this.

Firstly, some people thought when I tweeted about this that I meant the iPad Pro would be my only portable computer and that I would still have a desktop computer. Not so. My intention is that the iPad Pro will be my only personal computer.

iPad Pro har sannerligen hästkrafterna men av anledningar jag tjatat om tidigare tycker jag inte produkten som sådan är en plattform som är redo för att fungera som den enda dator du arbetar med.

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