Twitters kräftgång fortsätter

The Verge:

Twitter reported its first-quarter earnings today, and they came in under expectations: the company’s haul of $595 million was less than the $607.8 million that analysts expected, and so is the $590 million to $610 million it expects to make in the current quarter. The company added 5 million users, for a total of 310 million — more than Wall Street expected, but well short of the growth that would allow it to siphon significant advertising revenue from Facebook and Google. Twitter’s stock fell more than 12 percent after hours as the market confronted reality: Nothing Twitter has done to improve the appeal of its core product over the last year has resonated.

Om du hör eller ser någon ropa att Apple befinner sig i en kris för att de levererade det resultat de varnade för ett kvartal sedan, peka dem mot Twitter så får de se hur en verklig kris ser ut.


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