När Sun tog sin hand från OpenStep

Terrence Talbot:

After OpenStep 1.0 was out the door, Sun and NeXT diverged significantly. Well, they probably diverged long before that, but Sun’s problem was that the OpenStep that NeXT had licensed them lacked the much more sophisticated Project Builder and other development tools that NeXT’s version of OPENSTEP would include. I don’t have much inside knowledge on that but I’m pretty sure NeXT wasn’t going to share that code with Sun, if at all, without a whopping big check from Scott McNealy.

You pretty much only had to have a pulse to realize that that was just never going to happen. OpenStep was going to be forked, not just under the hood, but all over the hood, and no one wanted that. Even if Java had never existed, sending OpenStep in divergent directions would have eventually led to its demise, at least at Sun.

OpenStep med Mach och NeXTSTEP i botten hade riktigt fina prestanda på Sun Sparcstation-maskiner som jag testade det på för 10+ år sedan. Som Terrence Talbot beskriver det ovan så låter det som Steve Jobs sålde en licens på OpenStep som egentligen inte gick att använda.

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