“Enbart iPad”

Ben Brooks:

I can manage everything from my iPad, but sometimes it’s just faster with my MacBook, so I grabbed that after a few minutes troubleshooting on my iPad Pro. But I failed to type my password twice, Terminal then crashed out on me. Then Safari froze. Then I had to just give up on the Mac and restart it. It could be macOS Sierra which is on the Mac, or it could be that I never use my Mac and so the system was in a state of “oh shit, anyone remember how do this stuff?”

Either way, I had solved the problem on my iPad Pro before my Mac was even back up and running.

But then I sat there and cleared dozens of notifications on macOS, closed applications which start up with the system for seemingly no reason. Updated apps. And a bunch of other shit.

I lost 30 minutes to just managing my Mac that morning.

iOS-applikationer kraschar betydligt mindre ofta, det är helt sant. Men att enbart använda iPad för allt är helt obegripligt för mig.

Jag antar att jag inte behöver påpeka det korkade i att köra betaversioner av operativsystem oavsett vilken plattform man använder?

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