Skrämmande uselt av TP-Link


One way that hardware vendors try to make the configuration of a router easier is by instructing users to browse to a domain name rather than an IP address. TP-LINK routers use either tplinklogin.net or tplinkwifi.net.

According to Amitay Dan, CEO at Cybermoon, TP-LINK has lost control of the tplinklogin.net domain. Chances are, they forgot to renew it. Dan claims that the domain is now controlled by someone outside of the company, which is easily confirmed with public WHOIS data. While TP-LINK clearly owns tplinkwifi.net, the domain tplinklogin.net is owned by an anonymous entityand seems to be for sale.

Köper man billiga grejer så får man väl räkna med sånt här antar jag.

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