Något är väldigt trasigt på Hyperloop One


And this particular civil war is going to be messy. BamBrogan and colleagues Knut Sauer, David Pendergast, and William Mulholland say the company leaders “established an autocratic governance culture rife with nepotism, and wasted the company’s precious cash.” In the lawsuit, which names Shevin Pishevar, Afshin Pishevar, board member Joseph Lonsdale, and CEO Rob Lloyd as defendents, they allege that Shervin Pishevar paid his fiancée $40,000 a month for public relations work and hired his brother Afshin as the company’s general counsel. He allegedly told senior engineers to stop work to give office tours for various guests—including a nightclub doorman—and manipulated stock options to take advantage of employees.

According to the lawsuit, after the plaintiffs and seven other employees complained about the “misuse of company resources and corporate waste” in a letter, Afshin Pishevar left a hangman’s noose on BamBrogan’s desk. The filing includes a security camera image of a man, apparently Pishevar, holding rope and walking through the office.

Later that day, the suit alleges, Hyperloop One fired Pendergast (in front of his wife and children), demoted Sauer (who then resigned), and demanded BamBrogan take a leave of absence.

Låter som en hälsosam och trevlig arbetsplats.  Man undrar i sitt stilla sinne vad Elon Musk tänker om detta.


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