Apple var inblandade i historiens sämsta mobiltelefon

Cult of Mac:

In a very un-Jobsian move, Steve decided the easiest way to undercut a rival was to team with another company to get an Apple-sanctioned phone into the marketplace first. The company he chose to team with was Motorola, proposing to CEO Ed Zander that they release a partner phone to Motorola’s popular RAZR handset, which would include a built-in iPod.

In the end, it was a disaster: cheap plastic design, poor camera, locked to Cingular, and with only a 100 song limit — making it far worse than the iPod’s promise of 1,000 songs in your pocket. For a phone that was supposed to make listening to your music easy, it also did a terrible job of this: requiring that users buy songs via iTunes, then transfer these to their ROKR using a cable.

Rokr var, i sanning, historiens sämsta mobiltelefon och visar hur Steve Jobs, när han gjorde misstag, såg till att göra ordentliga dito.

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