macOS Server verkar lovande

Ben Brooks:

I can deal with bad spam filtering and false positives because I was able to own the entire thing. But what I can’t deal with is Mail.app showing different read counts and messages in the inboxes of my different iOS devices. Which one is right? I never knew. I could clear an inbox on one iPad, and have different states on every other device.

Pure and utter chaos. And fucking bullshit if I am honest.

At first I chocked this up to iOS betas being unstable, but it was happening on iOS 9. So I tried setting it up with the new iOS 10 macOS server accounts, and that was an even bigger shit show as I was unable to send email on my wifi, but it worked on cell. What. The. Fuck. And still things were out of sync between devices. Even worse, they would never sync back up, no matter what I tried.

Man kan använda OS X Server (snart macOS Server) till två saker: Caching och device management. Allt annat bör du köra på andra plattformar.

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