Apples PR-folk går till biltillverkare

The Verge:

Last month longtime Apple staffer Sarah O’Brien joined Tesla as senior director of communications. While at Apple, O’Brien had worked on the communications teams for music, iPhone, and most recently, Apple Watch.

More recently, Colin Smith, who had been communications director of Mac hardware, software, and professional apps for seven years, jumped ship to join Ford Silicon Valley, which includes Ford Smart Mobility LLC and the company’s growing research and innovation center. Smith’s role is being described as a kind of hybrid communications and business development role.

And another Apple comms staffer, Michaela Johndrow, is joining Ford in Michigan, where she’ll manage communications around electrified vehicles for Ford North America.

Det bidde ingen bil, helt enkelt. Helt otroligt att Apple kan anställa så oerhört många personer till ett projekt som de sedan bara lägger ned/skär ned från en dag till en annan.

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