Spiken i kistan för Firefox OS-baserade telefoner


So much for Mozilla’s quest to bring Firefox to new and different places.

The nonprofit organization told employees Thursday that it is eliminating the team tasked with bringing Firefox to connected devices, according to people familiar with the situation. The cuts affect about 50 people. Ari Jaaksi, the senior vice president in charge of the effort, is leaving, and last week, Bertrand Neveux, director of the group’s software, told coworkers he’s departing, too. Mozilla had about 1,000 employees at the end of 2016.

Mozilla confirmed the cuts to the gadget group Thursday.

Att Mozilla har närmare 1000 anställda är det mest chockerande, inte att de lägger ned sin satsning på ett mobilt operativsystem. Ett operativsystem jag visserligen kan se en poäng med men varför gjorde de inte gemensam sak med Canonical i så fall?

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