Mac mini bättre kompilatormaskin för Swift än Mac Pro

Jacek Suliga:

As you can see, 12-core MacPro is indeed the slowest machine to build our code with Swift, and going from the default 24 jobs setting down to only 5 threads improves compilation time by 23%. Due to this, even a 2-core MacMini ($1,399.00) builds faster than the 12-cores MacPro ($6,999.00).

I re-run the tests for a release flavor, with a smaller app, tried building on macSierra and even built for the new APFS RAM disk suspecting some filesystem I/O congestion issues – with similar results. In the end, the regression in behavior seems to be coming either from the compiler itself, or the OS.

Man kan dra en viss jämförelse mellan hur Mac Pro gör Apple till åtlöje och hur Miljöpartiet gör Sverige till åtlöje. Båda borde uppgraderas kraftigt eller tas bort för gott.


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