Skillnaden mellan FreeBSD och OpenBSD

Antoine Jacoutot och Baptiste Daroussin förklarar hur de kom fram till att de skulle skriva ett dokument som beskriver skillnaderna mellan FreeBSD och OpenBSD:

AJACOUTOT: Right, so while discussing the re- productive appendix of these horses to know which came first… OK who am I kidding here. It was something like midnight and…

BAPT: Actually I think it was more like 2am.

AJACOUTOT: Anyway, we were having our 10th pint of Heineken in a Pub somewhere…

BAPT: Duvel, it was Duvel. Be careful what you say here, its a beer land!

AJACOUTOT: Right right. So I started complaining that the Duvel didnt taste anything, of course it was our 10th pint so…

BAPT: No no no, I told you cant say things like this. Or OK, maybe the last one was Heineken after all.

AJACOUTOT: See! So, as I was saying, the beer did not have any flavor anymore. And thats when it hit me… Flavor… wait a minute… OMG this is exactly like FreeBSD. You guys dont have FLAVORed packages!

[ Trolls must now leave the audience]

Underhållande och lärorikt.

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