“Den buggigaste dator jag ägt”

Brad Frost:

This is the glitchiest computer I’ve ever owned. I don’t know if it’s hardware related, software related, or some combination of the two. As I’m writing this, my audio won’t work. “Internal speakers” doesn’t show up at all as an available Output Device option. Fun! Last night when visiting my family I tried to play my mom an MP4 video from vacation. QuickTime wouldn’t play it. I downloaded VLC and it played just fine. I attended a workshop, and my computer simply wouldn’t start up (!). It just sat there with a black screen and showed no sign of life (they did away with the MagSafe power cord that has a little power charging indicator). Thankfully and bizarrely, after 15 minutes it decided to power on all on its own, without me even touching it.

Frost har fler punkter där hans 13-tums Macbook Pro med Touch Bar knappast kan anses leverera den kvalitet som man tidigare blivit van vid från Apple. En del av hans problem i citatet ovan kan nog tillskrivas macOS Sierra vilket verkar ha passerat samma kvalitetskontroller som Macbook Pro gjorde.

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