PS4 populärt hem för kackerlackor

Interesting Engineering:

Cockroaches might be some of the least appealing crawling demons on planet earth. They can fly, they’re massive, and they’re darn near indestructible. Not only will they inevitably survive a nuclear war, they’ve also become notorious for hiding in the worst places. For gamers, it’s the worst possible place to find a roach — in your PS4. Bugs might be a problem for software, but real bugs are certainly the bigger issue.

This isn’t a freak problem either. Thousands of game console repairmen have noted the issue. To make it worse, many refuse to fix the console’s problems because no one wants to deal with cockroaches crawling around damaged hardware.

Kackerlackor gillar värme och fukt. Det verkar finnas gott om båda i en Playstation 4.

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