Snyggt avslut

Kathryn Grayson Nanz:

For the last two weeks, I’ve been in the awkward in-between that inevitably happens after you tell your employer that you’re leaving your job.

There seems to be this perception that you wouldn’t quit your job unless you absolutely hated it, so it only follows that giving notice should be this big mic drop moment – our chance to finally reenact the Office Space scene where Joanna quits with flair, telling off the boss and yelling “Oh yeah? Well, I QUIT! HA!” But realistically, we don’t want to be assholes and we don’t want to burn bridges, so most adults won’t ever (and shouldn’t ever) quit a job that way.

Såvida inte allt gått åt skogen ska man alltid avsluta snyggt. IT-branschen, särskilt den i Sverige, är alldeles för liten för något annat oavsett hur frestande det är att peka finger åt den där chefen man inte tål.

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