Fler använder Hackintosh än man kan tro

Ars Technica:

The people who got in touch with Ars are using Hackintoshes for most of the things you’d use a regular Mac for. It’s heavily weighted toward professionals—developers, designers, illustrators—but PC and VR gamers who want to dual-boot into Windows are well-represented, too.

Daniel Alm, developer of the time-tracking Timing app, has worked with Macs since 2009 and was looking for something faster than his 2012 MacBook Pro. The problem was that he needed a beefy system with support for Nvidia’s CUDA, something none of Apple’s current systems include. He ended up speccing out and building a Hackintosh using some of the community’s recommended hardware guidelines.

“This build has served me well over the past year,” Alm told Ars. “Everything is about 50-100 percent faster than my MacBook (depending on the workload), and the system is inaudible at almost all times. I built my latest app, Timing 2, almost entirely with this Hackintosh.”

Jag börjar undra om detta inte är ett större “problem” för Apple än man kan tro.

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