Apple vägrar använda AML i iOS

The Next Web:

Despite being relatively easy, Apple keeps ignoring requests to enable a feature called Advanced Mobile Location (AML) in iOS. Enabling AML would give emergency services extremely accurate locations of emergency calls made from iPhones, dramatically decreasing response time.

As TNW covered before, Google’s successful implementation of AML for Android is already saving lives. But where Android users have become safer, iPhone owners have been left behind.

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA), the organization behind implementing AML for emergency services, released a statement today that pleads Apple to consider the safety of its customers and participate in the program:

“As AML is being deployed in more and more countries, iPhone users are put at a disadvantage compared to Android users in the scenario that matters most: An emergency. EENA calls on Apple to integrate Advanced Mobile Location in their smartphones for the safety of their customers.”

Om Apple hade möjliggjort AML hade det varit en enkel och stor PR-vinst för företaget. Istället stoppar Apple huvudet i sanden och vägrar att ens förklara varför de inte stödjer detta. Skämmes, tamejfan.

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