God Bless America

The Guardian:

“A Republican congressman has urged the US to unleash a retaliatory cyber-
attack against North Korea over DDoS attacks supposedly launched against US
and South Korean websites.

Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michagan, the lead Republican on the House
Intelligence Committee, urged President Obama to mount a “show of force”
against North Korea over its alleged role in cyberattacks last week.

Hoekstra made the call to fire up the cyber-equivalent of B-52 bombers despite
absolutely no evidence that the impoverished, hard-line communist state is
involved in the assault. This lack of evidence didn’t prevent Hoekstra from
warning about possible “cyber-geddon” if the US failed to act on last week’s

Anledning 243 varför Obama vann valet.

(Tack till Harald för tipset)

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