Mer Google Voice-debacel

Michael Arrington:

Apple and AT&T are now blocking the iPhone version of the Google Voice app. Why? Because they absolutely don’t want people doing exactly what I’m doing – moving their phone number to Google and using the carrier as a dumb pipe.

So I have to choose between the iPhone and Google Voice. It’s not an easy decision. Except, it sort of is. Google isn’t forcing the decision on me, Apple and AT&T are. So I choose to work with the company that isn’t forcing me to do things their way. And in this case, that’s Google.


Stephen Frank:

To recap: Not only was the app rejected, but Apple pulled several other third-party Google Voice apps that had already passed the approval process while still leaving those developers on the hook for refunds to customers with misplaced anger about the removal.

Was Apple behind the rejection? AT&T? Who cares?

Fact: AT&T sells Blackberries that can run an official Google Voice client. No problems there.

Fact: Apple continues to sell iPhone apps that permit you to send free SMS messages. No problems there either.

Fact: You can still do everything that the Google Voice app would have done by accessing the web interface through Safari, albeit slightly less conveniently. I doubt they’ll pull Safari from the iPhone, although that would be the logically consistent thing to do.

I haven’t heard a single explanation for the rejection of the Google Voice app that makes a shred of sense at all.

Arrington driver Tech Crunch som är en, minst sagt, inflytelserik webbsajt i USA. Stephen Frank är en av grundarna till Panic, en minst sagt framgångsrik utvecklare av programvaror för Mac OS X.

Daniel Ström på Macdaddy summerade det rätt bra:

Apple är inte van vid att vara störst, och problemet är att man inte kan göra hur man vill om man är störst.

Apple har retat upp allt fler personer som faktiskt inte bara har något att säga utan också har många som lyssnar på dem. Min gissning är att Apple kommer att erbjuda Google Voice under hösten, troligen med en alternativ operatör än AT&T.

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