Att ändra sitt OD-lösenord

John C. Welch:

On Windows, you change your password, it’s changed. Period. As long as your account isn’t locked out, it’s going to work. (I’ve been running Windows networks for a loooong time kids, Unca John is not guessing here. Changing Windows passwords is simpler and more reliable than on a Mac.)

On a Mac, if your KDC is throwing “KDC Policy Rejects Request” errors, that won’t change the Kerb. password. In fact, you won’t be able to change it in Kerberos.app. You’ll have to reset the password on the server, then change it from the client, and then it’s just a fucking mess.

Ser verkligen fram emot Snow Leopard Server. Förhoppningsvis har Apple ytterligare stärkt integrationen mellan klient och server via Open Directory.

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