Real Networks finns tydligen fortfarande

Real Networks PR-blogg:

This week Rhapsody will submit our on-demand streaming music application for the iPhone and iPod Touch to Apple for review. Why is this so cool? Well, if you’re a Rhapsody subscriber you already understand the benefits of an on-demand music service. But, until now, nothing exists like this exists here in the states. There is nothing quite as satisfying as needing to hear a certain song RIGHT NOW and being able to scratch that itch. That’s what we aim to do, and now it’ll be easier than ever.

Real Networks vädrar givetvis morgonluft efter att Apple dribblat lite med FCC och meddelat att Google Voice inte alls är nekat tillträde till App Store. Real tror uppenbarligen på fullaste allvar att de kommer att få in en applikation i App Store som konkurrerar rakt av med iTunes.

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