Microsoft om iOS4 och Exchange Server

Exchange-teamet bloggar:

We have been in contact with Apple about each of these issues (as well as some others that seem to not be directly related to EAS but are more email related in general). Apple has assured us that a fix is being worked on though they have not commented on a release timeline for the fix. We will be continuing to work with Apple to help resolve the current issues relating to iOS 4 using Exchange ActiveSync.

Skönt att de två kan samarbeta utan att riva ut ögonen ur varandra.

Microsoft passar på att ge Google en känga också:



iPhone is not working with Google Apps over Exchange ActiveSync: Google licenses the server portion of Exchange ActiveSync from Microsoft but Google wrote their own software to implement the protocol. Google is responsible for making sure their implementation of Exchange ActiveSync runs correctly and in this case Google claims that they had a server issue.

Underhållning på ganska hög nivå faktiskt.

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