Kreativa svar från Apples support

Apples support är ju, som tidigare nämnts, inte alltid den skarpaste kniven i lådan. Eller vad sägs om deras svar på påpekandet att den sensor i iPhone 4 som känner av om du håller telefonen mot örat inte fungerar ordentligt:

Knowing others were having issues with their proximity sensor, I made an appointment at my local Apple Store with one of the esteemed “Geniuses.” His name will remain redacted but I swear he stifled a laugh when he told me the cause of the problem. Apparently, the re-location of the proximity sensor in iPhone 4 causes the sensor to be more likely to be triggered by light “bouncing around the ear canal.”

I blankly stared at him hoping that he was joking only to find out he was not. My appointed Genius explained that I should try closing the windows because extra ambient light bouncing around my ear will cause the sensor to light up the screen. He said that’s all there was to it and sent me on my way.

Marco Arments kommentar om Apples lösning på problemet med täckningen i iOS 4, där Apple i den uppdatering som går ut nu har ändrat algoritmerna för hur din täckning ska visas, är träffsäker:

Unfortunately, that’s a bullshit non-solution. And everyone knows it.

Apple’s arrogance and indifference in issuing this response is disappointing. It’s as if they’re expecting this issue to go away if they just wait long enough and ship enough iPhones. But it won’t. It’s only going to get worse as more people try to exchange their iPhones at the Genius Bar for these two issues, thinking it’s just a problem with their iPhones, and encounter the same problems with every replacement.

Och denna:

But I seriously doubt that the same Apple that wrote that giant-middle-finger response to the antenna problem would swallow their own pride enough to admit that they were wrong and conduct a recall on their flagship product.

Uppdateringen till iOS 4.0.1 skall också problemet med långsam synkning som iOS 4.0 hade med Exchange-servrar. Rapporter på andra forum pekar också på att operativsystemet nu känns snabbare men att det kan uppstå problem med att skicka MMS.

Det är också oklart om 4.0.1 är tillgängligt för iPod Touch, det verkar inte vara så i skrivande stund.

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