Hembyggd Cray-1A

En helt fantastisk historia om hur Chris Fenton bygger en miniatyrversion av Cray:s första superdator 1A och också försöker skriva en emulator och jaga rätt på gamla program. Det senare visade sig vara svårt till en början, då SGI i något anfall av total idioti raderade alla Cray-programvaror, som SGI fick då de köpte Cray, innan de sålde Cray vidare:

After searching the internet exhaustively, I contacted the Computer History Musuem and they didn’t have any either. They also informed me that apparently SGI destroyed Cray’s old software archives before spinning them off again in the late 90’s. I filed a couple of FOIA requests with scary government agencies that also came up dry. I wound up e-mailing back and forth with a bunch of former Cray employees and also came up *mostly* dry. My current best hope is a guy I was able to track down that happened to own an 80 MB ‘disk pack’ from a Cray-1 Maintenance Control Unit (the Cray-1 was so complicated, it required a dedicated mini-computer just to boot it!), although it still remains to be seen if I’ll actually get a chance to try to recover it.

Läsvärt så det bara visslar om det.

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