Jobs minns Apple anno 1985

Newsweeks klassiska intervju med Steve Jobs om den sista tiden på Apple innan han slutade / åkte ut:

Well, given the background of the other feelings I was feeling at the time, this was nothing out of the ordinary.

So I moved across the street, and I made sure that all of the executive staff had my home phone number. I knew that John had it, and I called the rest of them personally and made sure they had it and told them that I wanted to be useful in any way i could, and to please call me if I could help on anything. And they all had a, you know, a cordial phrase, but none of them ever called back.

And so I used to go into work, I’d get there and I would have one or two phone calls to perform, a little bit of mail to look at. But … this was in June, July … most of the corporate-management reports stopped flowing by my desk. A few people might see my car in the parking lot and come over and commiserate. And I would get depressed and go home in three or four hours, really depressed. I did that a few times and I decided that was mentally unhealthy.

So I just stopped going in. You know, there was nobody really there to miss me.

Jobs föll onekligen på eget grepp. Vilket givetvis gör hans framgångar med företaget de senaste tio åren destå större och viktigare.

1980-talets Steve Jobs var helt enkelt före sin tid. En sisådär 15 år.

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