Hur du bäst köar utanför en Apple Store

Justin Williams:

There was no way I was going to sit out in front of the Apple Store all day this time as I was just coming off of an illness and had way too much work to do. That’s when it hit me.


I hopped online, put a two sentence ad under the Gigs section offering $10 an hour plus lunch to anyone who would stand in line for me from 11AM to 4:30PM. No more than 10 minutes later I had five people willing to do the job. Thirty minutes after that, he was in line while I was at home enjoying my day.

As 4:30 came around, I waltzed into the mall, exchanged cash with my new Craigslist friend and claimed my spot as #20 in line. By 5:02PM I was out the door with my new iPad.

Was it worth an extra $60 plus lunch to not have to stand around twiddling my thumbs all day? Absolutely. I may never stand in another Apple line again.

Jag har aldrig köat utanför en affär för ett produktsläpp. Aldrig. Någonstans måste man dra gränsen och för mig går den där. Men å andra sidan är kulturen annorlunda i USA och kanske är det roligare att köa där?

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