Det är okej att sjukskriva sig

Elliot Jay Stocks:

As independent creatives (i.e: freelancers or small business owners), we rarely give ourselves time off from work when we’re feeling under the weather. Whereas in full-time employment I might have called my boss and taken a sick day, I personally find — and I know I’m not alone — that I’ve been much more inclined to ‘soldier on’ since I’ve been working for myself. That’s not to say that I slacked off when I was an employee, of course; it’s just that there’s an increased motivation to push through the occasional sickness when you’re the one solely responsible for the work.

So I think that we should all take more time off, and when we’re feeling rough, we should accept that nothing good is going to come of it, and just let ourselves be sick; because being ill is inevitable. Although it can be alleviated by giving ourselves natural breaks — like not working at the weekend, booking in proper holiday time, and just ensuring that we give ourselves time to properly switch off — there will still be occasions where sickness comes calling, and that’s when we should just let it happen, and allow our bodies time to recover.

För att (fritt ur minnet) citera The Matrix: A mind cannot exist without the body.

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