“"64 gigabyte räcker"”

Stephen Hackett:

The most minimal Mac is the base model MacBook Air. At 11.6 inches with just 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, operating one seems to be a practice in minimalism in and of itself.

I’ll be honest — I love the small MacBook Air. I’m often tempted to order one, as it would be a great fit for me. At home, I have a beefy 27-inch iMac, and a super fast 15-inch MacBook Pro at work. Those machines aren’t minimal, simply because of what I have to accomplish while using them. However, I would love a third machine — the little Air — as a machine to use primarily for writing.

With such a machine, I could live without the CS5 suite, QuarkXPress, Aperture and many of the other tools I use at home and at work on a very regular basis.

Förutom att en 11″ Macbook Air nog inte är allt för bekväm att skriva längre texter på så håller jag med honom.

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