Android Market fortfarande långt efter

Dave Lee:

Manufacturers could use the new operating system for free.

In return they would create scores of phones for every section of the market – high powered and pricey, cheap and cheerful.

But Android’s real selling point would be the apps.

Here too, the policy was one of openness.

Apple ruled its App store with an iron fist, vetting every submission and rejecting those that contravened its rules.

There would be no bouncers on the door of the Android Market.

Anyone who had written an app could upload it. Quality products would prosper; the chaff would be lost in cyberspace.

At first, users and app developers welcomed the free-and-easy approach.

However, some have begun to question if Google’s policy of app glasnost is the best way to manage the Market.

I vanlig ordning agerar Google först och tänker sedan. Jag återkommer till det ämnet snart.

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