Memoarer från en Apple Genius

Stephen Hackett:

One evening, a guy named James came in on crutches. Turned out that James’ car had been hit by a tractor-trailer six weeks earlier, totaling the car and severely injuring him and his passenger.

It also totaled James’ 12-inch PowerBook. This thing was destroyed. It was warped; the case was shaped like a banana. The screen was obliterated, and God only knows where the battery ended up.

James was a cool guy, though. I knew this for two reasons.

First of all, he had a full backup of his data, so the fact that his PowerBook had been crunched wasn’t compounded with a heart-breaking tale of data loss. More on those later.

Secondly, he brought in the PowerBook — with an appointment — solely to show it off. He didn’t even want to know how much it would be to rebuild it — he just thought the Genius staff would think it was cool.

He was right. He ended up buying a MacBook Pro that evening, after letting us take photos of his destroyed old notebook. He said he was going to put it in a case in his house as a reminder of how close he had come to death.

Boken släpps till Kindle nästa månad. Gissar att den inte kommer att dyka upp på iBooks inom den närmaste framtiden…

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